The learning process is continually monitored on an individualized basis through the use of regular assessments. The results are communicated regularly to the parent(s) to monitor progress for each student and make adjustments where necessary.

Edge preschool will use a state and nationally approved curriculum on a daily basis; which will provide all teachers with the instructional guidelines necessary for developing age appropriate learning activities for children.    

Parents are an integral part of the educational process. Edge preschool’s goal is to have each student and parent excited to be a part of our program each day so that students will be prepared for kindergarten with the necessary skills to promote lifelong learning. . Parental involvement is encouraged and welcomed. 

​Our Philosophy
​Our goal at edge preschool is to offer your child the opportunity to safely interact with peers while learning through the experience of play. We will incorporate projects, games, and creative environments that will encourage each child to learn from the five domain guidelines from the state of alaska. Edge preschool recognizes the extraordinary expansion of development during the early formative years. Therefore, we focus on stimulating each child’s craving for knowledge by introducing and consistently reinforcing learning and promoting accelerated growth.

Edge Preschool delivers excellence by providing a learning environment that supports the development of a child’s strengths and skills necessary for the preparation of their future schooling endeavors.

Driven  by high standards and the understanding that all children learn differently, our preschool staff will passionately provide a wide range of educational and fun opportunities which will help each child succeed to their fullest potential. 

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About Us

Mission Statement

Edge Preschool is committed to provide exceptional learning experiences for each student by fostering and nurturing their intellectual, social, physical, and moral development while encompassing an academic-rich environment